Chartered Institute of Labor & Human Resource Managers – United States of America

Chartered Membership


Welcome to the Chartered Institute of Labor & Human Resource Managers CILHRM formerly the (Chartered Institute of Labor & Industrial Relations) is a professional association dedicated to the promotion of Labor Relations & Human Resource Management practices within the organisation. We welcome applications from individuals and organisations who are keen on promoting the field of Labor & Human Resources Management.

We offer membership to professionals and practitioners within the Human Resources Management system including labor/union officials, labour lawyers, Human Resource professionals and corporate institutions.

The CILHRM seek to be a growing voice for both organised trade unions & Human Resources functions within the workplace environment.

The Chartered Institute of Labor & Human Resource Managers is a subsidiary of the Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers in the United States of America


Chartered Associate (ACILHRM)

This membership grade is for those Professionals with less than 15 years experience in Labor Relations, organised trade unions or human resource management roles. The grade is also available to in HR consulting, Reciprocal membership with other professional associations etc.

Applicants must be degree qualified or have equivalent professional qualifications.

Holders of SHRM, AHRDA certifications & Chartered Labor Relations can apply for this grade.

Chartered Fellow (FCILHRM)

We offer this membership grade to ASSOCIATES or those nominated highly skilled professionals with more than 20years’ experience in labor Relations, Human Resources Management or related fields. They may occupy senior management position in their organization or in labor unions or consulting.

SHRM Senior Certified Professional, PIHRA professional members including academics with extensive research in Labor Relations and Human Resources management, Health & Safety, labor law etc. can also apply for this grade.

Holders of MBA or Our Master Certificate in Labor Relations, Human Resources management etc

Fellows are nominated 

Doctoral Fellow (DCILHRM)

This grade of membership is conferred on senior academic from Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor and above with extensive research in labor relations or Human Resources Management . This grade of membership is equally available researchers in research institutions with track records in HR & labor matters.

Highly experience professionals with track records and Those elevated from the Fellow grade.

This category of members are recognized as Doctors of the Institute


We offer corporate membership to employers of labor in both public & private enterprise.

Membership offered to directors and top executives whose policies affect employees and the workforce.

Corporate Members receive special award & recognition for their contributions to business & economy.


  • Opportunity to use our globally recognised designations ACIHRM, FCIHRM, DCILHRM after your name
  • Members have the opportunities to attend our events & Networking opportunities
  • International recognition as a labor & HR professional
  • Professional Credibility
  • Professional Training & Certifications
  • International Recognition
  • Opportunity to network with International HR/labor professionals
  • Career support & Referral Letters for jobs etc etc